1. T. rex

From the recording Dino Lullabies

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I'm a T. rex and I get sleepy too
A tyrant through the day
By night I'm all worn out it's true

Can you imagine
The fiercest meat eater like me
Snuggling up in bed with my 40-foot blankie?

And it's wide enough I'm 12 feet tall
Like wrapping up a bus
To cover up my neck
Down to my spiky claws

A little extra clutched up in my arms
Yes they're so small
But they're just the right size
To cuddle up my lizard doll

Don't think if I had a toothbrush
I'd forget my teeth
As a predatory theropod
I sure do love to eat
60 banana-sized, saw-edged teeth fill my mouth
With a super strong jaw always ready to chow down

In my dreams I'm imagining
The next day's chase
Running through the tall grass
Sun on my face
Fast as ever
Sharpest vision
The world so lush and green
A tropical forest playground
Just for me

I'm tucked in tight now
My eyes are so heavy
Nodding off next to all of my family
Big head so cozy on this pillow of jungle weeds
Tomorrow is a new day for playing at top speed